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Registration Services

.Providing competent behind-the-scenes administrative support is essential for the successful implementation of a solid meeting plan. In today’s tight employment market, many businesses prefer to outsource these important administrative tasks. ISIS has a depth of talent and "battle-tested" experience that can respond swiftly to our customers decision to outsource these important areas of their events:
  • Meeting Information Deliverables. Timely information in the hands of your attendees is crucial to the success of a meeting. ISIS offers experienced desktop graphics practitioners to create collateral print materials for your meeting. In addition, we can provide suitably trained personnel for the packaging and distribution of pre-conference promotional mailings, printing and assembly of arrival information kits, proofing and printing of computer generated rosters, attendee badges, and personalized itineraries.

  • Help Desk. There are always questions from attendees that require an accurate and rapid response. Monitoring an event specific e-mail box prior to the meeting for answering these questions is a routine ISIS service. We also have congenial staff who can serve as arrival day registration greeters and information agents for attendees...both essential services for the success of our customers’ meeting.

  • Office Support. ISIS can provide experienced staff for a centralized office at the meting venue. Whether we are asked to manage office operations or simply provide staff to work with our clients’ own office manager, ISIS excels in this phase of administrative support services.

  • Doing The Extras Creates Excellence. Do you offer attendees seating selection for special meal functions? If there are optional recreation selections, do you allow attendee preferences and then manage an equitable ticket distribution without attendee grumbling? Do you solicit attendee feedback after your meetings and create a comprehensive review of results for your executives to assure a better meeting the next time? Are there other functions you have developed to put your own mark of excellence on your meetings? The ISIS heritage is one of distinction and agility in providing exactly what our customers want. One supplier...the entire solution!