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Company Overview

.ISIS was founded in 1988 as a meeting services and programming task-oriented business.

ISIS Corporation is in business to help our clients achieve their business goals through the delivery of exemplary information management services solutions. We market our product and service offerings to general business clients, and in particular to the meeting planning industry. Our product offerings consist of meeting planning software and support, logistics planning and support for the meeting planning industry, superior programming services to corporate clients, and administrative support services to our corporate clients.
    We consistently execute performance that reflects our "service excellence" philosophy while tirelessly seeking out and implementing solutions that effectively satisfy our customers. We creatively capitalize on business opportunities, as they become known to us. Our prices reflect the competitive nature of our industry and the unique synergistic value of our product and service offerings.
      ISIS Corporation aspires to be recognized as a leading information management software and support services provider across our existing customer base, and in particular to existing and future clients in the meeting planning industry.
        To accomplish this direction and vision, ISIS:
        • Maintain or grow core business revenues by maintaining our strong presence as the “vendor of choice” for programming services and specifically defined services to our current select customer base for these businesses.

        • Achieve sustained revenue and profit growth over this period of our business plan with our meeting planning software and support service offerings across an expanded and defined customer base. Establish with our clients the fact that information management is a leading contributor to ongoing meeting expense control and reduction efforts.

        • Expand our utilization of the Web by offering our flagship product, the Gold System, on a Web Browser. By combining Gold on the Web with existing and planned Gold Web registration products, today’s meeting planner will be fully equipped for efficient, high-tech meeting management, anywhere, anytime.

        • Explore new Web opportunities by developing a streamlined GOLD registration application simple to use, simple to maintain and requiring no ISIS intervention by the User.

        • Operate our business with annually reduced expense-to-revenue ratios while selectively expanding our number of highly qualified employees and business partners including application service providers and new marketing resources necessary to achieve revenue and profit goals and significantly expand our presence in our defined market niche.

        • Establish customer service as the distinguishing characteristic of information management. Help our customers to improve their competitive position through automation that is tailored to their specific needs and adaptable to changing business requirements and technological opportunities.

        • Develop a business relationship with our customers so that they come to us to help them improve their competitive position through automation that we customize to their specific needs.